Welcome – grab a pen and paper!


At about 4:30 this morning I woke up to 2 loud beeps. “Great. The power was out and is back on.” I proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep.
When I got out of bed around 7:45 my husband informed me that even though the power was back, we still had no cable, which in this apartment means no wi-fi, no cell service, and no landline. Stellar.

“What the heck am I supposed to do all day?!”

He just laughed. “Crazy how the times change.”

You’d think we were in our mid-50’s the way we look back at “pre-internet times”. Even being in our 20’s, we still frequently talk about playing outside, playing board games, watching TV, and even just playing a game on the computer that was (shockingly) not connected to Facebook or the internet somehow.

Like he said – crazy how the times change.

So what is a girl to do when she has no connection to the internet?

I tried to bake. That didn’t work. I was missing a few key ingredients (more like all of them..)

I tried to play Candy Crush on my iPad. That lasted for a little while. Until I ran out of lives.

Then I decided to start this adventure.

Blog Ideas

I’ve tried starting blogs a few times and have always let them go by the wayside. I think the reason I let both blogs go was because they weren’t me. They were me emulating whatever blogs I was reading at the time.

For example:

Blog 1: I was SUPER into decorating and fixing my new living space, so I started a decorating blog. Stopped needing to decorate (it wasn’t a huge space) and the blog fizzled. Big time.

Blog 2: I wanted to be a health and fitness blogger. I had recently discovered that I was gluten intolerant and wanted to “share my journey of discovery”. Only problem is I am not that fit (I run, but I’m not Kara Goucher!), and I don’t really enjoy cooking.

So what’s different this time? This time I’m just going to be me. There is no blog I’m trying to be like, and no mold I’m trying to fit. I’m just trying to find my little corner of the internet where I can make it pretty and maybe share something that someone will find enjoyable to read, and make a few friends in the process.

If you’re up for the ride, grab a cup of coffee (I’m already on my second this morning!), take a look around, and enjoy.


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