What is Better Than a Mailbox Full of Holiday Cards?

*Sorry for the delay in getting this up! I got LaZyyyy. That’s really and truly my excuse. I’ll try not to let it happen again!*

Pretty much everyone who lives and breathes (they kinda go hand in hand, huh?) loves the holidays. Unless you are The Grinch-Man Himself, you’ve got to at least find them enjoyable. They are full of family, friends, gifts, good food, fun music, and honestly, who can resist an ugly sweater party?

The best thing about the holidays though – and I will fight you to the death on this one! – are the holiday cards.

There are few (and it is an astonishingly small amount. I’m serious.) things better than going to the mailbox, opening it up, and having it be bustingattheseams full of envelopes addressed to you, *gasp* by hand!

Here's one I sent to a friend recently. (the address looked really cute but for her privacy I erased it in the pic!)

Here’s one I sent to a friend recently. (the address looked really cute but for her privacy I erased it in the pic!)

These days, when it is super easy to hop on over to facebook or twitter and connect with family (and I mean it when I say super easy – my family had Thanksgiving via Instagram this year, and it was AWESOME) I think its crazy that the cards I get at the holidays might be the only time I get a chance to connect with that person or family all year. <— Wild, right? But it’s true. Great Aunt Josephine might not have a computer. Cousin Felix might not be on facebook (another wild thought. Who isn’t on facebook these days?!). And you might live 3000 miles from both of them. Case in point.

Unless you’ve recently taken pity on the US Post Office, odds are prettttttyyyy good you aren’t throwing a Forever stamp on a monogramed letter to Great Aunt Jo or Cousin Felix any of the other 364 days out of the year. This is their one chance that year to connect with you, and if they are anything like me (or real. Anyone got a cousin Felix? I think that would be awesome!) they look forward to that card more than you know.

So now that we’ve determined that holiday cards are the best – and again, I’ll argue this point allll day long with you – let’s chat about the 3 main types of holiday cards.

There’s the family photo.
I LOVE these gems. They give you a chance to actually SEE the people sending the card to you, and gives you the chance to  see how they have changed over the past year. Especially with my younger cousins, it’s really fun to see them grow up. (I said “See” three times in that statement. I tried really hard to come up with another way to say it, but couldn’t. Sorry it was uber redundant!)

If you’re like me, you have no shame whatsoever in sending out a photo card of your dog. Yup. I’m that person and I’m proud of it!

Yup. This is our holiday card pic this year! :)

True story. This is our holiday card pic this year! 🙂

The family novel.
My mom is totally guilty of this one! Every year, starting around December 1st, I get an email a day with a revised version of what happened to our family in the past year. Each versions gets longer, and more full of detail than the version before it. My mom always ends the email with “If you don’t like what you’re reading about yourself, you’d better send me the version you want, or else it gets told my way!”. Talk about incentive!
But in all fairness, as much as I HATE the process of getting the family letter done, I love getting them from other families. We have one family that we knew when I was a tiny tot, and we all wait on the egde of our seats every year for their letter to hit the mailbox. As soon as my mom gets it, it gets scanned and emailed to all of us (we’re a bi-coastal family these days!) to read and enjoy. The point of this rant is, its really annoying to write, but people enjoy reading them!

The Pretty Card.
These are my least favorite. Mostly because they usually have a lot of glitter on them, and I hate, hate, hate getting glitter all over me (and the floor, and the dog… ooo sparkly dog!) when I open the envelope!  I’ll take the glitter if there is a handwritten note, or a picture in the card though. Plan your glitter sending accordingly!

And there you have it. Maybe I’ve convinced you to love holiday cards as much as I do, maybe I haven’t.  I’m just hoping that I, at the absolute least, convinced you to send one to Great Aunt Josephine. Honestly, I’m sure she’d love it more than you know!

I’m dying to hear your take on the holidays and what the best part is! Let me know by leaving a little love in the comments section!



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