Happy New Year!

After taking a break over the Christmas Holiday and filling up on (way too much) food and cookies, I’m back and ready for action!

I used my time off to plan, create, and organize my ideas for the upcoming year on this little blogaroo of mine. I’m really excited to be starting a weekly series *gulp* and to have come up with a giant heap of things to write about, chat about, and photograph.

Today though, I want to let you in on my goals for 2014 – mainly so I have someone to report to when I get lazy in a few months 🙂

I read this great article over at Babble about New Years Resolutions, and overall goal setting. It gave 20 awesome ideas for New Years resolutions to set, and pointed out that people who set goals and make resolutions are much more likely to be successful with achieving their goals, than those who don’t set them at all.

**Warning: Incoming tangent**

That statement was SUPER obvious, like jumping up and down screaming and waving my arms, but it reminded me of a story/joke I heard once. There was a man who prayed every single day to God: “Dear God, please let me win the lottery today.” He said the same prayer every single day for 45 years, and never once did he win the lottery. When he finally died and landed at the gates of heaven, he had a chance to speak with God. “I prayed to you every single day, and asked to win the lottery. How come I never won?” God replied “You never bought a lottery ticket.”

Ok, so I retold it horribly (like ran over it with a truck, horribly), and can’t find it online to add here, but the point is, you can’t succeed at something if you never try it. I may never be a world class runner, but I am damn closer to being one by going running than I am by laying on my couch all day sipping wine and eating bon bons. <- That actually sounds nice….

Back to the point here. Uhhh.. oh yeah, New Years Resolutions.

So my goals for 2014:
– Finish training for, and successfully complete the Los Angeles Marathon on  March 9, 2014 with a goal of sub-4:30!
– Complete Project Life for 2014 (just created my Holiday Insert – wooo!!)
– Get myself a job!
– Organize and create both my honeymoon album (2 years later, but who’s counting), and our Cross Country Trip from this summer.
– Run the X-Terra Trail Race at Bulldog in May 2014
– Love and grow this little Blogaroo of mine 🙂

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014!



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