Project Life – Week 2

Well last week was a doozy. In a good way. Pinky swear.

A friend of mine from high school came out to visit us. He’s got some preeeettty sweet connections  and managed to score us tickets to the Celtics/Clippers game on Wednesday night. The seats were something out of a dream sequence! We sat in the 6th row. Like 1 2 3 4 5 6! We were also right next to the entrance to the Celtics locker room which pretty much made me giddy. I bleed Boston, so any chance to see my home team play, and be that close to the action is a major win in my book!






Before the game started we went in to LA Live to find a place to eat dinner. Since we are about as up to date with the Kardashians as Albert Einstein is, it wasn’t a huge surprise when we accidentally stumbled on the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet… cue feeling SUPER awkward and wayyyyyy underdressed! We hurried around the crowd at warp speed and hid had dinner at Yardhouse.


The next day my friend and I just walked on the beach and had lunch. It was nice and relaxing. On Friday we met up with another friend from high school, who is doing some pretty amazing things in the world of film. It was  really fun to catch up with him and hear all of his {really} crazy stories!

Saturday we packed in all of the touristy LA things we could! We hiked up to the Hollywood Sign, saw the Walk Of Fame, the Chinese Theater, and drove down Rodeo Drive.



layout a-3


layout a-4

Chris dropped him off at the airport yesterday, and I spent the afternoon prepping my Project Life spread for the week.

Left side:

PL week2-1

Right side:

PL week2-2

The whole shebanggg:

PL week2-3

And some close ups:

PL week2-5

I found this adorable California printable over at Listgirl’s Blog.  I’ve been loving her layouts! They are busting at the seams with inspiration and scrapping goodness.

PL week2-4

You can’t really tell from the photo, but I have the dates for this week as an overlay on the top of the photo. This poor rose was just washed up on the beach. It was so lovely, but so sad at the same time.

I have been trying to make cohesive spreads, but I both weeks I’ve found myself dividing the spread in half. The left side tends to be the “what the heck happened this week” side, and the right side leans more towards my artsy/photog side. I really would like my spreads to start looking more like the right side, since that is way more my style. Granted, that would mean I need to drag my giant camera around with me everywhere… I’m gonna have pipes by the time I get to week 52!

I seriously need to work on the journaling part for next week. I feel like we’re going to look back at the pages, and have no idea what happened or what the heck the pictures are of, but as it was I ended up cutting out a TON of pictures (which conveniently ended up here.. see how that works?)

So there you have it! My week 2 spread. If you finished yours, please leave me a comment with the link so I can go check it out! I’m always hunting for inspiration!

Have a great week!



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