101 in 1001

Mackenzie over at Design Darling posted her list of 101 Things in 1001 Days today. Since I’ve been looking for some blogging motivation lately, I decided to do one of my own. Not gonna lie, it was TOUGH to come up with 101 things! Once I got through all 101, though, I started spewing ideas – {eyeroll} Figures…  I had to go back and decide what to keep, get rid of, and add in. It took a while! So on that note, Thanks for the motivation Mackenzie! It was exactly what I needed for my blog on a blah Wednesday!



  1. Run an Xterra Trail race
  2. Finish the LA Marathon
  3. Do 100 push ups in a row
  4. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  5. Run Boston as a qualified runner
  6. Try Barre
  7. Try Pilates
  8. Do yoga on the beach
  9. Learn to swim
  10. Have flat abs!
  11. Stop cheating and completely cut out dairy
  12. Go back to strictly organic eating
  13. Run with my dog every day for 2 weeks
  14. Run in shorts and a sports bra and not be uncomfortable! (this goes hand in hand with the flat abs one!)
  15. Run early in the morning (5 am or before work) every day for 2 weeks
  16. Run Bulldog (an absurd trail in SoCal) again


17.  Get out with my camera more often
18. Take a Lightroom course
19. Take a PSE course
20. Upgrade my camera body.
21. Launch my photography business
22. Do a photo-a-day challenge for 30 days
23. Photograph someone famous (either professionally, or on the street)
   24. Work as a photography assistant
   25. Work as a second shooter (I’m in the LA area if anyone is looking!!)


26.Get my CA nursing license!
27. Take and pass ACLS
28. Get back into the nursing world
29. Get certified in a specialty
30. Get back into an ICU
31. Go to 3 conferences (photography, blogging, nursing)


32. Successfully get over the 3 month hump with my blog
33. Expand my readership
34. Find my “blogging voice”
35. Figure out how to do freebies on my blog
36. Redesign my blog
37. Self host
38. Start a weekly blog series
39. Be more social in the blogging world!
40. Own my domain (Shewritesonpaper.com)


41. Send snail mail to a friend or family member every day for 2 weeks
42. Throw a fancy dinner party
43. Throw a cocktail party
44. Throw a holiday party
45. Throw a New Years Party
46. Have Friendsgiving
47.Send flowers to a friend just because
48. Buy my husband a “just because” gift
49. Cook my husband dinner and make dessert
50. Send my sister and cousins care packages
51. Have a fancy date night with my husband
52. Have a second dog
53. Have a baby

54. Finish decorating the apartment
55. Buy area rugs!
56. Buy a house
57. Have a herb garden
58. Buy canvases of favorite pics I’ve taken
59. Have a bar cart!
60. Have fresh flowers in a vase on my nightstand
61. Set up an emergency kit (earthquake,fire etc)


62. Learn to cook
63. Learn how to change a tire
64. Take a watercolor class
65. Learn HTML and CSS
66. Take a surfing lesson
67. Make ice cream
68. Learn to do a perfect at home manicure
69. Learn about wine and how to pair it

Just for fun:

70. Go to a black tie event
71. Be part of a book club
72. Read 50 books
73. Buy and wear lipstick
74. Get a blowout
75. Find a group and start singing again
76. Go horseback riding
77. Attend a taping of a TV show
  78. Try 10 new bars/clubs
  79. Go to a red carpet event
80. See a movie in a theater
81. See Cirque du Soleil
82. Get a tattoo
83. Update my wardrobe with classic pieces
84. Go to the beach every day for a week (even if just to stick my feet in the water and run back to the apartment!)
85. Own a piano (I’ll settle for a keyboard for now!) and play again
  86. Start a tradition
  87. Save $10 for each goal completed
  88. Complete Project Life 2014

89. Go to Catalina Island
90. Go to the Grand Canyon
91. Go to a vineyard for a tour
92. Visit Big Sur
93. Visit Chicago
94. Visit Japan

Because I have to:
95.Pay off student loans!!
96.Update my passport
97. Finish changing my credit cards to my married name (2 years+ later….)

For Others:
98. Donate blood
99. Pay 100% tip for good service
100. Pay the bill of someone behind me in line

And Finally:
  101. Make a new List!


Check out some other great lists at these blogs:

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If you create one of your own, tweet me the link, or leave a comment. I’d love to check them out!


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