Searching for Greatness

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I gave up a lot of good when we moved to California. I gave up a dependable, solid career, and the comfort of a steady income. I gave up friends. I gave up family. I gave up everyone and everything I had known my whole life.

And I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

What I have gained by being out here continues to amaze me. I gained self-confidence. I gained new, amazing friends. I found that I CAN run a 14 mile trail run up the side of a mountain. I gained the ability to face rejection after rejection in my current job search with grace and dignity. I gained the understanding that everything will work out. It might not be perfect now, but it will be one day.

So whatever that “thing” is in your life, whether it be starting a new relationship, quitting your day job to work on the project of your dreams, or moving 3000 miles away from everyone and everything you knew – let yourself have that greatness – you won’t regret it.


Have a great day!


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