Project Life Week 4

Better late than never!

This week was pretty low key. I got a few good long runs in (10 and 17 miles) as well as a few shorter ones (4,4 & 3 miles). Chris was really busy all week at work. Saturday we decided to adventure up to Malibu to a dog-friendly beach. Zoe has never been in the ocean, and basically hates all things water. {Why we thought this would be such a great idea is still beyond me} She loves, loves, LOVES the sand, and was super pumped to be on the actual beach part. Chris took her in to the water, and she did pretty well. Not too nervous to start with.

Then, the inevitable.

A wave hit her. You would have thought I had just lit her little nub on fire! She jumped about a million miles and was like “oh, HELL NO!” As soon as the wave pulled back out, she tentatively stepped into the shallow water again. After that, we learned that it wasn’t the wave hitting her that she didn’t like, it was the pulling feeling of the wave going back out to sea that made her grumpy. Chris got her running in the shallow water and the two of them had a blast!

I finally got my act together this afternoon and got my PL spread put together.  Here it is:

Left Side:

Left side of PL spread


Right Side:

Right side PL Spread


The Whole Shebang:



And some close-ups:

Picture of boxer dog




picture of chris and dog on beach

Chris and Zoe running through the shallow water. She loved it 🙂


picture of dog in waves, sequence of 4 picturesThis was the first wave she encountered. I luckily had my camera on continuous mode and fired off a ton of shots to get this sequence!


picture of chris looking at a surferHere is Chris watching one of the surfers. There were TONS of them out there!


picture of sunrise over pierThis is Chris’ photo contribution for the week 🙂


picture of week review typed up



picture of leaf and a quote



picture of cactus
This week was VERY photo heavy! The only things I added were the Week 4 card, the weekly review, the A day at the beach card, and the quote card. The weekly review, and A day at the beach were made on PicMonkey. I made the weekly card on Photoshop Elements 10. The quote is from the uber talented and creative Elise over at enJOY it. You can find the post with the freebies (thanks Elise!) here.


Annnnnd just for fun, here are 2 pictures of Zoe “helping” me get the photos for this post ready – wait till you see her hidden talent….

Zoe the boxer


Zoe the boxer licking her nose


Talented girl, huh? 🙂


Have a great evening!


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