Project Life Week 8

One of the best things about this Project Life adventure of mine is that there aren’t any rules. I get to try something different every week. This week I decided to keep it to B+W with splashes of yellow, pink, and grey (and then that rogue brown heart card.)

I think it helped a LOT with keeping the spread more cohesive, and me more happy. In future weeks, I might try something similar. Either picking a color to add in with B+W, or just a color theme to try and keep throughout the week. It would make for a great photography challenge, and hopefully make me think more outside the box!

Here it is:

Left Side:

Project Life Week 8 spread, right side


Right Side:

Project Life week 8 spread, left side


The Whole Shebang:

Project Life week 8 full spread


And some closeups:

Project life 4x6 card, yellow polka dots with "You make me smile" in gray

Project Life 4x6 card, pink with black ampersand

Project Life 4x6 card, picture of sand with "You will forever be my always" written on it

Project Life filler cards

Project life filler cards, midnight edition



I loved taking the pictures of Chris, Zoe, and I. Chris held a treat above Zoe’s head to get her to look up like that 🙂
I actually tried my hand at designing some of my own filler cards this week. The yellow polka dot “you make me smile” card was one I whipped up on PSE 10 this morning. It took about 2 minutes, and I like it. The ampersand card is pink card stock that I had on hand, and then I stamped it. I also changed up my week card this week because Chris and I realized that my previous design would absolutely not hold “Week twenty seven”. This new design gives me a little more flexibility with the longer lettered weeks.

The “You will forever be my always” card is a picture I took of the sand at the beach this weekend, and then added the text overlay in picmonkey.

The February month card was found over at here at I resized it to fit a 3×4 card. It’s so cute, and I have a feeling I’ll be using all of the other months in my album this year!

The “Love” card was found over here at She has some amazing freebies for her FB fans, make sure to stop by and check it out!

The yellow and grey heart card, and the black and white (and gray) heart card were both found over here at Lemon and Honey.

The rest of my cards were from the Project Life Midnight Edition Core Kit.

How is your Project Life 2014 coming along? Let me know in the comments and leave a link, I’d love to see them!



One of The Greatest Things I’ve Ever Done

This past fall, my husband and I drove cross country from Boston to LA. We had an amazing trip – it’s something that we will never forget. I remember looking at him in the car and saying “Hands down this is one of the coolest things we will ever do!” and I’m pretty sure I’m right. It was unbelievable.

Fast forward to 4 months after pulling in to our parking spot here in sunny SoCal. I am just now starting to pull those pictures together and get them in to an album. Granted, this is warp speed considering I haven’t gotten our wedding album, or honeymoon album done yet (almost 2.5 years later…)

I’ve decided to share my progress on our Cross Country album here on the blog as it is happening, rather than when it is all finished. Many of the blogs I follow show gorgeous albums (that I unabashedly swoon over) all perfectly finished, but rarely do you see the trial and error and time that went in to making it look so lovely.

I started working on it last night, and because my neighbors upstairs were having an absurdly loud dinner party at 11:45pm on a Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep, I spent a LOT of time on Pinterest finding quotes and filler cards. Chris had already mentioned that the spreads are a bit of a visual assault (he put it much nicer, promise!), so I think I’m going to be adding in more filler cards and spreading out the layouts more.

Ok, time to get my thoughts in order.
-Project Life 12×12 camera album
-Design A  pocket protectors
-Project Life Midnight Core Kit
-Project Life Seafoam Core Kit
-Pictures (LOTS of them!)
-Photoshop Elements 10

Here is the first round of layouts.

Project Life Cross country album, Boston spread

Project Life Cross country album, Boston spread

Project Life Cross country album, NY spread

Project Life Cross country album, NY spread

Project Life Cross country album, OH spread

Project Life Cross country album, IN spread

Project Life Cross country album, IL spread

Project Life Cross country album, MO spread

Project Life Cross country album, Last page


Funny story: Chris and I were looking at my first Boston page last night, and both knew something was wrong, but couldn’t quite figure out what. Then all of the sudden (as we both have our heads sideways) he goes “There’s water in the middle of the buildings!”. Ooooopsss.. Guess who measured and cut wrong.. I’ll be fixing that thankyouverymuch!

I have MA – MO printed and in the book, as well as the final page (the lifeguard stand on the beach). I like having the license plates from each state in the book, it helps to set up which state we’re looking at, and reminds me of playing the license plate game on the trip (the only one we didn’t get was Hawaii).

I definitely want to add in more filler cards to attempt to make each state at least a 2 page spread. I also have to add in the coasters I grabbed from some of the places we stopped to eat (cross country pub crawl for the win!) and I think I have hotel keycards from some of the places we stayed. I need to go digging!

In the meantime, I created a board on pinterest full of quotes and things I want to add to the pages. I also decided that I want to learn hand lettering, so I’m going to use this book as an excuse to practice. I’m thinking I might re-write all of the quotes by hand that I want to use as filler cards.. This might be a long project! 🙂

Wooo! Alright, round one, done and done.

Have a great day!

Project Life Week 7

Let’s just jump right on in to it! Week 7 coming at ya!


Left Side:

Project Life week 7 spread, left side


Right Side:

Project Life week 7, right side


The whole shebang:

Full project Life week 7 spread


And some closeups:

Project Life valentine's day freebie

Project Life filler card that says "week at a glance"

Photo taken under a pier, processed in HDR

picture of a man standing on the beach at sunset

Project Life cards

project life cards

picture of barnacles


This week I tried something new. I did a photo-a-day, and placed an overlay on each one. I found the overlays at one of my favorite Project Life blogs to follow – Caylee Grey. You can find the link to her day of the week overlays here. She always has fun and inspiring Project Life layouts – definitely worth taking a look around, and adding her to your Bloglovin’ feed!

I’m still not 100% thrilled with the lack of cohesiveness (is that a word?!) with my spreads. From what I’ve seen in my intense Pinterest stalking, it seems to take people a few YEARS to figure out how they like their spreads. I’m just not in to waiting that long! 

I found a free printable planner over at Hello Forever that I want to test out this week. I’m also thinking maybe I’ll find the filler cards that I want to use, and place those in at the start of the week. That way I can decide on a theme or a look, and then plan pictures around that. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this – I know the whole idea is to just get pictures off the computer and in to a physical book – but I want it to be something I enjoy looking back at that makes me smile.

By the end of this year, I WILL have a spread that I  love! 🙂

Hope you have a great day!


Valentine’s Day Round-Up

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love that such a sweet holiday snuck into this awful time of year. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up in February – the holidays are over, and it’s not spring yet, so Valentine’s day is the perfect thing!

I decided to hunt down a bunch of freebies to share with you. I know I’ll be using some of them in my Project Life spread this Sunday, and thought you might like to as well!

Let’s get this party started!

First up, a lovely 4×6 filler card from Little Musings. This link will actually bring you to a BUNCH of free cards, all of which are super cute! This one happened to be my favorite, so I splashed it on here, but make sure to take a look, there are a lot more!

Project Life 4x6 card with pink heart on a brown background




Next up, this cute 8×10 from the Persnickety Prints Blog. You can find it living over here.8x10 Printable that says "Love you" with a heart for the O in Love




Up next is this pastel perfection from Pixel Paper Designs. I am slightly obsessed with the camera one! You can find this great set here, as well as a bunch more freebies on the blog which is here8 free printable Project Life filler cards with a Valentine's Day theme





Moving right along, Ashley over at Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night had this really sweet idea to write a note a day from Feb. 1 – Feb 14 to her husband and kids. Then she put all of the notes in their Project Life album. I’m sure they will all love looking back on those notes! She created this freebie to write her notes on, and shared it with all of us. Make sure to take a peek around her blog, there’s a lot of great stuff there!

Project Life journal card that says "Just one of the many reasons I love you so much" with journal space below.




And last, but certainly not least – this great chalkboard freebie from The Diary Of Dave’s Wife. I love the style of this one! You can find the download link over here.

Chalkboard style printable that says "love was made for me and you"




I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a lovely Valentine’s Day! Make sure to check back on Monday to see this week’s PL spread!


Project Life – Weeks 5 & 6

It has been a looonnggg week – let me tell you!

Last week my computer decided to take an emotional time out. I afforded it this luxury, but I’d be all set if this never happened again! It ended up making me a week behind on Project Life, as well as keeping me from having pictures to work with…. what’s a girl supposed to do?

Anyway, we’re back in action, and along with my Project Life update, I’ve got a couple of great posts for you this week! Some DIY love is magically sprinkled in there, so hold on to your hats!

Before we go crazy with spray paint, let’s head back in time 2 weeks to my week 5 spread –

Left Side:

Project Life week 5 spread with title card, 5 pictures and week review

Right Side:

Pictures of white tulips, a panorama of Los Angeles, and a E.B. White quote

The Whole Shebang:

2 page Project life spread

And some close ups:

Project life cards that say before, and after

picture of a close up of white tulips

Close up of EB white quote

I used picmonkey to make the before and after cards, as well as the cards with the quote from E.B. White. It was such a perfect quote for that spot!

I’m happy with how the right side turned out – the pictures don’t really do it justice. The left side is more of smush of things that happened. I’m still working on how to take all of the random colors and big camera vs. iphone pictures and make it look cohesive. I took the time to tell myself that it doesn’t have to look perfect – a few years down the road I’ll just be happy that it was done at all!

And now for this past week:

Left Side:

Project Life spread week 6, 5 pictures, a week review, and a title card

Right Side:

Project life week 6 page 2, 6 pictures

The Whole Shebang

Full project life week 6 spread

And some close ups:

PL week 5&6-12

PL week 5&6-8

close ups of project life week 6 spread

Chris’ parents came to visit us this week. We went to the Griffith Observatory, attempted to see the Batman Cave, did the Walk of Fame, saw the Chinese Theater, walked on the Venice Boardwalk, and went to Cirque Du Soleil (which was AMAZING, and can now be crossed off of my 101 in 1001 list!). The biggest problem is that there were too many pictures! This week was the first time I used an insert – and I really like how it came out.

We went to dinner at a place called Tinga. The bathrooms had some really fun art on the walls. Chris took a bunch of pictures of the mens bathroom walls, and I decided they deserved their own insert:

Project life insert, pictures of taco cartoons

Project life insert, pictures of taco cartoons

Project life insert, picture of taco cartoon saying "looking good"

Project life insert, picture of cartoon taco playing the guitar

Project life insert, picture of cartoon taco parachuteing

My favorite is the “looking good” taco. Apparently he was drawn in where there should have been a mirror!

I tried something a little different with this week’s spread. I used a template from the blog “My Passion Is…”. It made the 3×4’s in my spread look like Polaroids. I really liked the additional white space that it provided – I’m convinced the spread would have just been overwhelming otherwise! The template was really easy to download, and she provides step by step instructions on how to use it. I did it in Photoshop Elements 10 with no problems whatsoever. You can find the template here. Also, you should just check out her blog in general, since she has some really great PL spreads! I’ve been hanging out over there gathering inspiration all afternoon! 🙂 Thanks Linda Anne for the great template and ideas!

Slowly but surely I’m catching back up with this little blog of mine! Thank you to everyone for your patience! I’ll be back tomorrow with a DIY project, and from there I’ll FINALLY be back on schedule! Have a great evening!

Project Life Week 4

Better late than never!

This week was pretty low key. I got a few good long runs in (10 and 17 miles) as well as a few shorter ones (4,4 & 3 miles). Chris was really busy all week at work. Saturday we decided to adventure up to Malibu to a dog-friendly beach. Zoe has never been in the ocean, and basically hates all things water. {Why we thought this would be such a great idea is still beyond me} She loves, loves, LOVES the sand, and was super pumped to be on the actual beach part. Chris took her in to the water, and she did pretty well. Not too nervous to start with.

Then, the inevitable.

A wave hit her. You would have thought I had just lit her little nub on fire! She jumped about a million miles and was like “oh, HELL NO!” As soon as the wave pulled back out, she tentatively stepped into the shallow water again. After that, we learned that it wasn’t the wave hitting her that she didn’t like, it was the pulling feeling of the wave going back out to sea that made her grumpy. Chris got her running in the shallow water and the two of them had a blast!

I finally got my act together this afternoon and got my PL spread put together.  Here it is:

Left Side:

Left side of PL spread


Right Side:

Right side PL Spread


The Whole Shebang:



And some close-ups:

Picture of boxer dog




picture of chris and dog on beach

Chris and Zoe running through the shallow water. She loved it 🙂


picture of dog in waves, sequence of 4 picturesThis was the first wave she encountered. I luckily had my camera on continuous mode and fired off a ton of shots to get this sequence!


picture of chris looking at a surferHere is Chris watching one of the surfers. There were TONS of them out there!


picture of sunrise over pierThis is Chris’ photo contribution for the week 🙂


picture of week review typed up



picture of leaf and a quote



picture of cactus
This week was VERY photo heavy! The only things I added were the Week 4 card, the weekly review, the A day at the beach card, and the quote card. The weekly review, and A day at the beach were made on PicMonkey. I made the weekly card on Photoshop Elements 10. The quote is from the uber talented and creative Elise over at enJOY it. You can find the post with the freebies (thanks Elise!) here.


Annnnnd just for fun, here are 2 pictures of Zoe “helping” me get the photos for this post ready – wait till you see her hidden talent….

Zoe the boxer


Zoe the boxer licking her nose


Talented girl, huh? 🙂


Have a great evening!

Project Life – Week 3

As promised, I’m back with my Project Life Week 3 spread!

We were pretty boring this week (since we were kind of snotty disasters) so I spent a LOT of time scavenging for pictures of just about anything. I did a 10  mile trail run up to the Nike Base, which was pretty amazing. The views were unreal! We also went out a few times, but I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s OK to be “that” person who takes a million pictures at every event. I’m personally never annoyed by “that” person, and really enjoy seeing pictures of events, but I am a lunatic  can be kind of a worry wart, and don’t want to bug anyone while they are trying to enjoy their beer and football. So, until I get over my irrational fears, these layouts will be missing some key things.


Left Side:

Project life week 3 left page



Right Side:

Project Life week 3 right page



The whole shebang:

Project Life week 3 both pages



And some close ups:


Just a fun quote that I threw on a background in PSE 10.



Weekly summery

I made my weekly review card (which I’m loving – it lets me do all of my journaling in one place, and I don’t have to cringe at my handwriting..) on PicMonkey – my newest obsession!



picture of beach with smoke in sky

This shot is wild – the left side of the picture is smoke from the Colby Fire that made it all the way to the coast.



watercolor printable

I used this really stellar freebie from Lost & Taken to make a 4×6 filler card.



Project life filler card

Look at me go! I actually used 2 filler cards from my Project Life Seafoam Edition Core Kit! Woop!!

So there it is – another week in the books. Does anyone else feel the same way I do about being the paparazzi when you’re out with friends and family? Tips and ideas to get over it are always welcome! Leave me a comment below!

Have a great day!


Project Life – Week 2

Well last week was a doozy. In a good way. Pinky swear.

A friend of mine from high school came out to visit us. He’s got some preeeettty sweet connections  and managed to score us tickets to the Celtics/Clippers game on Wednesday night. The seats were something out of a dream sequence! We sat in the 6th row. Like 1 2 3 4 5 6! We were also right next to the entrance to the Celtics locker room which pretty much made me giddy. I bleed Boston, so any chance to see my home team play, and be that close to the action is a major win in my book!






Before the game started we went in to LA Live to find a place to eat dinner. Since we are about as up to date with the Kardashians as Albert Einstein is, it wasn’t a huge surprise when we accidentally stumbled on the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet… cue feeling SUPER awkward and wayyyyyy underdressed! We hurried around the crowd at warp speed and hid had dinner at Yardhouse.


The next day my friend and I just walked on the beach and had lunch. It was nice and relaxing. On Friday we met up with another friend from high school, who is doing some pretty amazing things in the world of film. It was  really fun to catch up with him and hear all of his {really} crazy stories!

Saturday we packed in all of the touristy LA things we could! We hiked up to the Hollywood Sign, saw the Walk Of Fame, the Chinese Theater, and drove down Rodeo Drive.



layout a-3


layout a-4

Chris dropped him off at the airport yesterday, and I spent the afternoon prepping my Project Life spread for the week.

Left side:

PL week2-1

Right side:

PL week2-2

The whole shebanggg:

PL week2-3

And some close ups:

PL week2-5

I found this adorable California printable over at Listgirl’s Blog.  I’ve been loving her layouts! They are busting at the seams with inspiration and scrapping goodness.

PL week2-4

You can’t really tell from the photo, but I have the dates for this week as an overlay on the top of the photo. This poor rose was just washed up on the beach. It was so lovely, but so sad at the same time.

I have been trying to make cohesive spreads, but I both weeks I’ve found myself dividing the spread in half. The left side tends to be the “what the heck happened this week” side, and the right side leans more towards my artsy/photog side. I really would like my spreads to start looking more like the right side, since that is way more my style. Granted, that would mean I need to drag my giant camera around with me everywhere… I’m gonna have pipes by the time I get to week 52!

I seriously need to work on the journaling part for next week. I feel like we’re going to look back at the pages, and have no idea what happened or what the heck the pictures are of, but as it was I ended up cutting out a TON of pictures (which conveniently ended up here.. see how that works?)

So there you have it! My week 2 spread. If you finished yours, please leave me a comment with the link so I can go check it out! I’m always hunting for inspiration!

Have a great week!


Grab a Hardhat and Bring Some Wine.

So I spent last night putting together my first week of Project Life, and I have to say – it went WAY better than I was expecting. I was thinking it was going to end up a little more – me on the floor, surrounded by paper scraps, no idea of what I was doing, and wine. Lots of wine. And probably a few screeches of frustration followed by tears. I desperately wanted it to look perfect like some of the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest, but I made myself kick back, relax, and enjoy the process.  It ended up being me sitting on the couch, watching TV with Chris, a few paper scraps on the coffee table, and a beer. Better than expected – except for the wine part. I forgot to buy it at the store.

While it may not be perfect, it ended up being perfect for us, and I’m pretty darn happy with it.

Left Side:


Right Side:


And the whole shebang:


I made the “Week one” card in PSE 10. I’m planning to do the same card, in the same spot every week. We walked down to the beach on New Years Day – it was Chris’ first time actually at the water (which is INSANE. We live a block away!!) so we took a picture (or 3) to commemorate.


My “hello twentyfourteen” card was made using this freebie from the amazingly talented Caylee Grey. I pretty much stalk her blog. I downloaded the freebie, and then layered it on top of one of my own photos in PSE. Then I changed the font color to white, and decreased the opacity to make it seem more see-through. I LOVE how it turned out – huge thanks to Caylee for the freebie! The bottom right picture is Chris’ “pic of the week”. You should have seen him chasing the seagull down the beach to get this shot.. it was…. something. Yeah. That’s it. It was something 🙂


And just a few more closeups of the spread:




So a successful completion of Week 1. No frustrated screeches, no tears. (and no wine… I’ll have to fix that for next week.)


Nexxxtttt up on the docket:
I’m under construction! I’ve decided to change things up on the blog to make it more my own, and less standard WordPress Theme. Things are gonna be bumpy for a while – so grab a hardhat and some eye protection – but please hang in there! I’m not really sure where this is going to end up, or how long it’s going to take, which is completely typical for me. I appreciate you hanging out with me during construction though! (and if you have any hints, links, or videos on how to do just about anything web design, leave some love in the comment section!)

Ah! one last announcement: I just added a Bloglovin’ button over on the left side of my blog.
Give it a click, and you can get every absurd, coffee fueled update that I decided to throw up on here!

Have a great day!

A Bookcase Full of Memories

One night a few summers ago, my husband and I were down visiting his parents in New York. We were all enjoying a relaxing evening sitting around in the living room talking and sharing stories. His parents started re-telling a story about a botched attempt to bring a couch to the basement – which ended up with the couch going through the basement wall at the bottom of the stairs, of course – and she had a picture of it that she wanted to show me (because everyone should take a picture of a couch stuck in a wall. True story). She took me over to a bookcase, and I would be lying if I said that no one in the room heard my jaw hit the floor.

On the shelves of that bookcase were over 25 YEARS worth of photo albums. We spent the rest of the evening thumbing through page after page of memories, everything from when my in-laws starting dating, to my sister-in-law as an infant, all the way up to my husband and my wedding.  Every major life event was carefully, and lovingly, curated in these albums. It was then that I decided that I wanted to have my own bookcase full of memories some day.

The only teeeeenny tiny little problem? I’m pretty notorious for deciding to start a project, and then never, ever, ever finishing it.

Like last year, for example. I decided I was going to start Project Life on January 1st – I was finally going to stop being lazy, and get all those pictures off of my computer (where they tend to go to die – seriously, once I upload them, that’s usually the end of the road), and into a Project Life binder. I wanted to use the Seafoam Edition from Elise Blaha Cripe. It was gorgeous, and I was super obsessed, so, clearly, that meant it was out of stock on Amazon. And everywhere else for that matter. I had gotten a few gift cards from Amazon that Christmas and was determined to use them for Project Life, and Project Life only. I started to stalk Amazon. At least twice a day I would log on to the Becky Higgins website and see if it was available yet. When it FINALLY came back in stock, I immediately bought the core kit, and the binder and warp speed. It arrived on my doorstep and I opened every single package, and sat looking through all of the cards in the core kit for hours – imagining how I was going to create this amazing work of art.

Fast forward a week, and then a month, and now a YEAR later, and that binder has been sitting empty.

Like ghost town empty, complete with tumbleweeds.

I re-committed this year to starting – and finishing – Project Life. I broke out my Seafoam edition binder and Core Kit, and I can assure you – they are still as perfect as when I sat stalking Amazon for all those hours last winter!

PL set up-1

PL set up-3

PL set up a-1

I set the title page up the way the kit suggested – for now. I wanted to have a starting page to make me excited enough to want to continue, but I’m not forcing myself to keep it. Chris and I decided (he’s actually being really helpful about this – more on that in a bit) that I should wait and see which pictures really describe our year, and then use those for the title page. No need to tattoo it on my rear-end yet, I’m open to change!

PL set up-4

I took the bottom right corner card and added “2014” in the white stripes. Just wanted to jaazzzz it up a little!

PL set up-5

I also decided to add an insert that covered our first Christmas here in California. We stayed here, and were alone on Christmas day. I felt like it should have been sad because our family was all back on the East Coast, but we had an amazing day, and started some fun traditions that we want to keep going for years to come (cough-cookiesforbreakfast-cough)

Here’s the front of our Holiday Insert page:

PL set up-6

I included our Christmas card, a picture of Chris taking Zoe out for her morning walk in his Christmas PJ pants, our “family photo” Christmas morning, and a picture of our Christmas dinner. I also used this printable, and this one.

And the back side.

PL set up-12

I added a picture of a flower I took while we were out walking on Christmas Eve, our “Christmas breakfast” a few days later, a really pretty Christmas card, and a picture of Zoe and her new Zombie toy. I also used 2 of the cards from these printables to make a 4×6, and used one half of it as a journaling card to write down everything.

My plan for Project Life 2014 (because it’s always great to have a  plan – failing to plan is planning to fail!) is to keep it as simple as humanly possible. Knowing my track record, I feel like it’s best if this lazy bones over here doesn’t get overwhelmed.
I’m aiming for weekly spreads, mainly since I feel like too much happens in a month to only have monthly spreads.
I’m planning on VERY simple layouts – I refuse to go crazy with embellishments, both for cost factor and my sanity.
I’m going to maintain my journaling of daily and weekly happenings in my planner – picture to come later
And last but not least, I’m having Chris take 1 picture a week. I want to see things from his point of view as well – if for no other reason than he’s taller than me 🙂

My only supplies for this project so far is my Project Life Seafoam Core Kit and binder, the Design A pocket pages, a small variety pack of pocket pages, and my Pinterest board of free Project Life printables.

I’ve also been checking out the Creative Team’s blogs for inspiration – meet the team here.

Anyone else do Project Life and have any tips for a beginner? Leave some love in the comments section, and if you having a blog, leave the link, I’d love to see how you tackled your Project Life!