Technical Difficulties…

Happy Thursday!

Please excuse this post – I’m having issues over here! Bloglovin seems to have dropped my blog from my profile, so I’m trying to re-claim it!

You are more than welcome to just completely ignore me and my blogaroo today, or you could use this opportunity to

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

See how I snuck that in there?

And just to make this post less blah, here’s a picture:


birds at the edge of the ocean



These little birds make me laugh. They always run up to the edge of the water, and then sprint away as soon as it starts to get close. You can just hear them going “Ahhh! Run away! Run away!”

Ok, so there is today’s really random rambling. Hopefully bloglovin and I can agree that this blog is mine. Wish me luck!




Sick Day

Chris and I have been sick for almost the whole week – we’re a wildly attractive couple right now. Who doesn’t love snotty, sneezy, disgusting people? Now that you have that lovely visual…. Anyway, it’s taken me longer than normal to come up with a Project Life spread since we’ve been under the weather. I’m going to finish working on it tonight, and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual Monday update a day late!


Hope you had a great weekend!