Amazing Wall Art in 3 Easy Steps

Welcome back!

It’s time for that DIY magic that I alluded to yesterday! If you were paying close attention to my Project Life pictures, you may have noticed the “Before” and “After” cards, and the pictures next to them. There’s today’s DIY 🙂

I really wanted to do something – anything – with the wall over our desk. There is just so much blank wall that it’s getting a little depressing in here!

DIY Wall Art-2

I had seen this great post over at The New Domestic that really sparked my interest, and wanted to re-create something like it, so off to the craft store we went (yup. Dragged Chris with me)

I had this vision of breaking it up into 3 pieces. We easily found the canvases I wanted, and then Chris picked out a color blue that he liked. We stopped at Staples on the way home and picked up some tape to tape off the sections. I was SO excited – and convinced this was going to go exactly as planned. Chris started placing the canvases on the floor while I got the tape open and ready to go:

Measuring the spacing of art canvases

art canvases laid out on floor

This, of course, was right about the time that we discovered the tape we had bought didn’t even remotely stick to the canvases. At all.


So, I came up with plan B. Real fast.

I decided that we were going to ombre the 3 canvases. Fully spray painted, to barely there. And it was gonna look awesome, dammit!

Chris likes graffiti and all things spray paint, so he took over.

Spray painting the canvas

Zoe wanted to help, but I figured I’d be less annoyed if we didn’t have blue paw prints all over the apartment.

dog watching person spray paint a canvas

She wasn’t so thrilled that we didn’t let her in on the action.

boxer dog with 1 ear flipped over

Chris did an awesome job painting the canvases. They were pretty much perfect.

Man spray painting canvas

Man spray painting a canvas

Once they were dry he hung them on the wall.

man hanging blue canvas on wall

Ta Da! All done!

DIY Wall Art-16

Before and after of wall with art added

So, DIY wall art in 3 easy steps:

3 steps for wall art    Measure                                     Paint                                           Hang

In reality it took a few more steps than that, but honestly it wasn’t very hard – granted I was only taking pictures. From start (going to the craft store) to finish (hanging on the wall) the whole project took 6 hours. The paint dried really fast, and was water based (KEY!) so clean up was a breeze.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. It makes the room SO much more interesting, and gives me room to grow if I want (I’m thinking some portrait oriented canvases in gray on either side.) The total cost wasn’t terrible either – $35. We bought the canvases and paint at Michael’s – do yourself a favor and go to their website. They almost always have a 40-50% off coupon. We split up the purchases so that we each had an expensive item to use the coupon on. It saved us a bundle!

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a great hump day, and I’ll see you back here on Friday!