Project Life Week 8

One of the best things about this Project Life adventure of mine is that there aren’t any rules. I get to try something different every week. This week I decided to keep it to B+W with splashes of yellow, pink, and grey (and then that rogue brown heart card.)

I think it helped a LOT with keeping the spread more cohesive, and me more happy. In future weeks, I might try something similar. Either picking a color to add in with B+W, or just a color theme to try and keep throughout the week. It would make for a great photography challenge, and hopefully make me think more outside the box!

Here it is:

Left Side:

Project Life Week 8 spread, right side


Right Side:

Project Life week 8 spread, left side


The Whole Shebang:

Project Life week 8 full spread


And some closeups:

Project life 4x6 card, yellow polka dots with "You make me smile" in gray

Project Life 4x6 card, pink with black ampersand

Project Life 4x6 card, picture of sand with "You will forever be my always" written on it

Project Life filler cards

Project life filler cards, midnight edition



I loved taking the pictures of Chris, Zoe, and I. Chris held a treat above Zoe’s head to get her to look up like that 🙂
I actually tried my hand at designing some of my own filler cards this week. The yellow polka dot “you make me smile” card was one I whipped up on PSE 10 this morning. It took about 2 minutes, and I like it. The ampersand card is pink card stock that I had on hand, and then I stamped it. I also changed up my week card this week because Chris and I realized that my previous design would absolutely not hold “Week twenty seven”. This new design gives me a little more flexibility with the longer lettered weeks.

The “You will forever be my always” card is a picture I took of the sand at the beach this weekend, and then added the text overlay in picmonkey.

The February month card was found over at here at I resized it to fit a 3×4 card. It’s so cute, and I have a feeling I’ll be using all of the other months in my album this year!

The “Love” card was found over here at She has some amazing freebies for her FB fans, make sure to stop by and check it out!

The yellow and grey heart card, and the black and white (and gray) heart card were both found over here at Lemon and Honey.

The rest of my cards were from the Project Life Midnight Edition Core Kit.

How is your Project Life 2014 coming along? Let me know in the comments and leave a link, I’d love to see them!



One of The Greatest Things I’ve Ever Done

This past fall, my husband and I drove cross country from Boston to LA. We had an amazing trip – it’s something that we will never forget. I remember looking at him in the car and saying “Hands down this is one of the coolest things we will ever do!” and I’m pretty sure I’m right. It was unbelievable.

Fast forward to 4 months after pulling in to our parking spot here in sunny SoCal. I am just now starting to pull those pictures together and get them in to an album. Granted, this is warp speed considering I haven’t gotten our wedding album, or honeymoon album done yet (almost 2.5 years later…)

I’ve decided to share my progress on our Cross Country album here on the blog as it is happening, rather than when it is all finished. Many of the blogs I follow show gorgeous albums (that I unabashedly swoon over) all perfectly finished, but rarely do you see the trial and error and time that went in to making it look so lovely.

I started working on it last night, and because my neighbors upstairs were having an absurdly loud dinner party at 11:45pm on a Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep, I spent a LOT of time on Pinterest finding quotes and filler cards. Chris had already mentioned that the spreads are a bit of a visual assault (he put it much nicer, promise!), so I think I’m going to be adding in more filler cards and spreading out the layouts more.

Ok, time to get my thoughts in order.
-Project Life 12×12 camera album
-Design A  pocket protectors
-Project Life Midnight Core Kit
-Project Life Seafoam Core Kit
-Pictures (LOTS of them!)
-Photoshop Elements 10

Here is the first round of layouts.

Project Life Cross country album, Boston spread

Project Life Cross country album, Boston spread

Project Life Cross country album, NY spread

Project Life Cross country album, NY spread

Project Life Cross country album, OH spread

Project Life Cross country album, IN spread

Project Life Cross country album, IL spread

Project Life Cross country album, MO spread

Project Life Cross country album, Last page


Funny story: Chris and I were looking at my first Boston page last night, and both knew something was wrong, but couldn’t quite figure out what. Then all of the sudden (as we both have our heads sideways) he goes “There’s water in the middle of the buildings!”. Ooooopsss.. Guess who measured and cut wrong.. I’ll be fixing that thankyouverymuch!

I have MA – MO printed and in the book, as well as the final page (the lifeguard stand on the beach). I like having the license plates from each state in the book, it helps to set up which state we’re looking at, and reminds me of playing the license plate game on the trip (the only one we didn’t get was Hawaii).

I definitely want to add in more filler cards to attempt to make each state at least a 2 page spread. I also have to add in the coasters I grabbed from some of the places we stopped to eat (cross country pub crawl for the win!) and I think I have hotel keycards from some of the places we stayed. I need to go digging!

In the meantime, I created a board on pinterest full of quotes and things I want to add to the pages. I also decided that I want to learn hand lettering, so I’m going to use this book as an excuse to practice. I’m thinking I might re-write all of the quotes by hand that I want to use as filler cards.. This might be a long project! 🙂

Wooo! Alright, round one, done and done.

Have a great day!

Project Life Week 4

Better late than never!

This week was pretty low key. I got a few good long runs in (10 and 17 miles) as well as a few shorter ones (4,4 & 3 miles). Chris was really busy all week at work. Saturday we decided to adventure up to Malibu to a dog-friendly beach. Zoe has never been in the ocean, and basically hates all things water. {Why we thought this would be such a great idea is still beyond me} She loves, loves, LOVES the sand, and was super pumped to be on the actual beach part. Chris took her in to the water, and she did pretty well. Not too nervous to start with.

Then, the inevitable.

A wave hit her. You would have thought I had just lit her little nub on fire! She jumped about a million miles and was like “oh, HELL NO!” As soon as the wave pulled back out, she tentatively stepped into the shallow water again. After that, we learned that it wasn’t the wave hitting her that she didn’t like, it was the pulling feeling of the wave going back out to sea that made her grumpy. Chris got her running in the shallow water and the two of them had a blast!

I finally got my act together this afternoon and got my PL spread put together.  Here it is:

Left Side:

Left side of PL spread


Right Side:

Right side PL Spread


The Whole Shebang:



And some close-ups:

Picture of boxer dog




picture of chris and dog on beach

Chris and Zoe running through the shallow water. She loved it 🙂


picture of dog in waves, sequence of 4 picturesThis was the first wave she encountered. I luckily had my camera on continuous mode and fired off a ton of shots to get this sequence!


picture of chris looking at a surferHere is Chris watching one of the surfers. There were TONS of them out there!


picture of sunrise over pierThis is Chris’ photo contribution for the week 🙂


picture of week review typed up



picture of leaf and a quote



picture of cactus
This week was VERY photo heavy! The only things I added were the Week 4 card, the weekly review, the A day at the beach card, and the quote card. The weekly review, and A day at the beach were made on PicMonkey. I made the weekly card on Photoshop Elements 10. The quote is from the uber talented and creative Elise over at enJOY it. You can find the post with the freebies (thanks Elise!) here.


Annnnnd just for fun, here are 2 pictures of Zoe “helping” me get the photos for this post ready – wait till you see her hidden talent….

Zoe the boxer


Zoe the boxer licking her nose


Talented girl, huh? 🙂


Have a great evening!